Just In Time For Christmas

I felt it wasn't worth spending too much time on the design because it's pretty wonky at the back (due to surface rot), but I'm happy at least one of them cured in time for Christmas. (The others are still 'green').

Mom will be the lucky recipient of my humble oeuvre. Think she'll like it? (She can always trade it in, later).

My first Birdhouse gourd
Sideview, revealing the less-than-perfect derrière
Generous bowlful of seeds
(Any takers?)
The gift that keeps on giving

Seeing how many seeds it produced, I thought I'd throw in an extra token!

Wishing you all a great Holiday Season! Xx :)


  1. It is beautiful, Miss M! I think Mom will love it!

  2. Looks great! I grew gourds once, quite a few years ago before the blog. No idea what I did with them :) PS I have not forgotten about the Kellogg's Breakfast tomato seeds. I swear I will get them to you before planting season, a few extras too.

    1. No rush, Dan. I feel this winter's gonna be a looooong one!

  3. It is just beautiful. What a great gift. Super job!!