Speaking of Gourds

Gaggle of Gourds (mixed seeds) Lagenaria siceraria
"The Lagenaria, or hard-shelled group of gourds produce white blossoms and are green on the vine, turning brown or tan with thick, hard shells when dry. Birdhouse, also called Bottle Gourd, is still used in Mexico and other areas to make water bottles. Calabash, sometimes called 'Penguin', is used in Japan to make pipes. Corsican is a flattened round uniform shape which is ideal for bowls and lidded containers. Dipper not only scoops water, but is a clever potted plant container. Speckled Swan is stunning in a fall centerpiece and a multitude of other craft projects."

Gourds typically take 120-150 days to mature, a fact I obviously overlooked when I purchased the seeds a few years ago. (Pretty packaging will do that to you). Growing them in my zone is challenging even in a good year. Starting them indoors is an absolute must.

The mixed seeds produced 4 'Birdhouse' and 3 'Dipper' gourds. The little 'Speckled Swan' (middle, right) didn't make it, I'm afraid (container tragedy #41).

They seem to be drying out nicely. I picked them 3 days ago and left them outside to enjoy the warmth and sunshine. The weather's been stellar this week. I'll bring them in shortly to complete the drying process. Crafting can begin, in a few months time, once they're fully cured.

I ♥ cucurbits.

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

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