2012 Seeding Schedule

April 14 (Indoor Sowing)
  • Peppers (Purple Beauty, Sweet Chocolate, California Wonder, Yolo Wonder, Hungarian Yellow Wax, Italian Marconi Golden, Pasilla Bajio, Early Jalapeno, Cayenne Blend, Shishito, supermarket mini Red, supermarket mini Yellow)
  • Tomatoes (Burpees Longkeeper, Purple Calabash, Brandywine Red, Bradywine Yellow, Old Virginia, Big Red, Red Siberian, Beefsteak, Cherokee Purple, Speckled Roman, Polish Linguisa (new), Hahms Gelbe (new))
  • Cherry Tomatoes (Gardener's Delight, Sugar Sweetie, supermarket grape, Sungold, Sweet Yellow (new))
  • Tomatillos (Toma Verde, Giant Cape Gooseberry, Yellow Giant, Cisineros, Coztomatl, Purple, Pineapple, Indian Strain (new)) 
  • Other Solanaceae (Wonderberry, Litchi Tomato, Pepino)

Note about tomatillos: I'm still figuring out who's who. Seed packets don't always give the latin name and common names can be misleading. I've grown 'different' varieties that look very similar.

April 6 (Outdoor sowing - under row covers)
  • Peas (Corne de Bélier, Green Arrow, Asparagus (new), Charlevoix (new))
  • Carrots (Purple Haze, White Belgian, Danvers, baby Little Fingers)
  • Chard (Bright Lights, Ruby Red-Rhubarb, Fordhook Giant)
  • Greens (Bok Choy Tatsoi, Napa Cabbage (Wong Bok), more Arugula, more Sorrel, Orach - two varieties of red which could end up being the same).

April 2 (Outdoor Sowing - under row covers)
  • Spinach (Bordeaux, Bloomsdale Long Standing, Samish, Lavewa)
  • Lettuce (Red Salad Bowl, Black Seeded Simpson, Red Velvet, Speckles (my favourite))
  • Greens (Mizuna, Endive (Olesh Tres Fine), Sorrel, Arugula)
  • Beets (Early Wonder, Detroit Dark Red, Cylindra, Jaune Ovoïde Des Barres, Gourmet Blend)

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