I'm growing spuds this year! (Why the exclamation point? Well, last time I did was in 2009, the year Late Blight swept the Northeast. Are we headed for a repeat?). I'm growing small, container crops of seven varieties. First up:


An early variety (some say mid-season). Pale skin and flesh. Pink eyes. Good for boiling and baking. They were planted April 27th and flowered (just barely) roughly 2 weeks ago.

Warba (right). I thought the chits were a bit sketchy
but they did well regardless

Simple straw-lined wire basket setup

Day 60 (or thereabouts). I think they were just starting to flower.
Curiously, the tiny buds didn't actually bloom.

Yield: not huge but decent for 3-4 seeds.
Roughly a dozen large, a dozen medium and a dozen small spuds

Modest but delicious little lunch. Lettuce, courtesy of the garden, as well.

Verdict: Nice potato. Good taste. (The neighbors seem to agree). A variety I would definitely grow again. Anyone with a longer growing season, or even me in a good year, could manage 2 crops.